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Folder Specially Protected Nature Territories in Latvia

Specially protected natural areas are geographical territories, that are under special state-level protection, in order to safeguard and maintain biodiversity of nature – rare and typical ecosystems, habitats for rare species,landscapes, that are peculiar, beautiful and characteristic for Latvia, geological and geomorphological formations, as well as territories, significant for recreational and educational purposes.
The protected areas are classified according following categories: strict nature reserves, nature parks, nature reserves , national parks, biosphere reserves, natural monuments, areas of protected landscapes.
Altogether in Latvia there are 683 specially protected nature areas certified by law or regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers On Specially Protected Nature Territories.   There is information given below about all specially protected nature areas that are found in the particular administrative territory:

In Latvia also established:

Data (Information available in Latvian) of the Latvian specially protected natural territories micro-reserves, species and habitats in nature data management system OAK (OZOLS).